Dr. Carlos Thomas, Ph.D.

“The Revolutionary”

Director of Student Innovation Collaboratory (SICL) and former Chief Information Officer, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA

“Caaaarrrlooosssss, Caaaarrrlooosssss!!!!! We’re gonna kick your butt today boy!” “The South will rise again Carlos boy!” “Hey Carlos, how do you like my flags?” one fan asked loudly as he waved a
Confederate flag and hurled a Jack Daniels whiskey bottle. There was violent tension in the air and the bottles were flying. Security actually had to be beefed up to protect us. Security beefed up…..to protect a football team in its own stadium?!! Have you ever been around someone who you felt wasn’t afraid of anything, was unafraid to speak his mind and stood strong in his opinions even if his opinions caused a controversy? This is exactly how my best friend and teammate Carlos has always been. He stands up for what he feels is right, regardless of the consequences. #DaFellaz