Clarence Sevillian, MBA, MPT, FABC

“The CEO”

CEO, McLaren Bay Region Hospital, Bay City, MI

My teammate and fraternity brother Clarence was always prepared and ready, regardless of what he was asked to do. And he worked HARD every day. When Clarence graduated from Vandy he held several receiving records and although he was a star on the field, he was also an academic superstar, graduating with a degree in MATH. Clarence has risen quickly through the ranks to become one of the youngest African-American hospital CEOs in the country. He was recently named CEO of his third hospital, McLaren Bay Region, and continues his rise in the medical field. Always remember…even though someone has power and a great job they STILL have to GRIND!! Clarence’s days often begin before 5 a.m. and he usually doesn’t leave the office until after 7 p.m. #DaFellaz