Entrepreneur, Former NFL Player, 12 year veteran, member of the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens

Corey Harris

“The Champion”

Entrepreneur; Former NFL player, 12-year veteran, member of the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.

Corey was the second player the Houston Oilers (now the Tennessee Titans) drafted that year. He was on his way, or so we THOUGHT. Although the Oilers had taken him very high in the draft they eventually released him from the team during the fifth week of the season. I’ll never forget seeing his name in the transaction section of the newspaper, which stated that he has been released. I immediately went to the nearest phone to call him.

“Man, what HAPPENED?” I asked him. He told me to hold on because another call had come in and when he clicked back over he said, “Hey man, I have to get to the airport in 45 minutes so I can catch a flight. Green Bay just picked me up!” Again, he was “on his way.” Corey jumped on that plane to become a Green Bay Packer and never looked back.

Don’t just do it….do it like a Champion!!